We have a winner, a WOW winner :)

Hello guys and gals, I know now you hate burpees, and squats and jumps and jumping rope and gymnastics rings and rowing …. and the gym and the workouts and myself  LOL.

But after all this hard work we have a champion 🙂 ….. and a price … 🙂

It seems somebody was much above any expectation, breaking all the records and exceeding all expectations. As you can see below in the last workout …

Feb WOW -ladies

If you follow through all this WOWs  it’s not hard to guess who’s the absolute champion …


                       THE ABSOLUTE CHAMPION IS YOU …..


Each one of you who had the courage and ambition to fight and push themselves toward their physical and mental limits during these intense workouts. The biggest price we all get is the fitness that we gain, stamina to carry all days full of energy, power to overcome any hard moments and the health that makes our live better and easier, just to name a few benefits.

Anyway, because we had somebody in the top of the list (kind of both lists) almost every week, we have a special price for Ms Abir Abou Hosn as well – a week of free personal session in Calisthenics.

Calisthenics is an old type of physical training and a new trend worldwide and in Kuwait. You can see more here http://www.worldcalisthenics.org

Freshly certified as Level I Instructor I will offer to all other participants in the WOW a free session in this new type of training. I will whats-up you for details and bookings 🙂

Once again,

Congratulation for all of you for the great start of the year with two months of hard workouts. Let’s see who’s finishing the year in the same strong energetic way 🙂 Any betting?

PS:  And don’t forget to check my Free E-book – STRETCHING FOR LOWER BACK , sign up on the right side form and you get the download link 🙂

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