This is what you do?

I do it, they did it, you did it too, everybody’s doing it …..:

It happens many times, but most often is after the New Year and recently at the beginning of the new school year …. It’s the NEW RESOLUTION season – this year I will study more, I will travel more, I will be more happy, I will be a better person, colleague, parent, child, I will do that and that, and of course I will be more active get a gym membership and lose some weight :)))

This is the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION SYNDROME 🙂 and these days is happening with the schools/colleges starting …. why is a syndrome? not sure, but many of those who suffer from it will never reach they goals (aka losing weight) they might get injured (and I have to work harder to help them) or overtrained (because they don’t know how to train and they end up doing to much to soon). And they called it NEW YEAR RESOLUTION SYNDROME.New-Years-Resolutions

BASIC SYMPTOMS :)))     Lot’s of people are crying and saying they want to lose weight and swearing they will STOP EATING FOR GOOD  (hopefully not forever), I am hearing how having a flat tummy will make them happy and change they lives, they want skinny thighs and the flabby triceps and love handlers should vanish in the air, they want some flat pectorals and pumped biceps, a six pack and bigger calfs …They wanted now, or yesterday …. Helpless, I am listening and watching them in they desperation, trying to teach and educate, trying to save as many as possible …. Deep in my heart I know that I won’t see most of them 🙂 until next YEAR RESOLUTION – when we will have another chance.


What to do to avoid being trapped into it? Ask yourself WHY do you want what you want and how you’ll feel when you reached your destination? With other words develop a deep and strong motivation for your dream … visualize … feel … imagine…



And if you have this you won’t wait for the NEW YEAR or SCHOOL TO START to achieve it:)   Speaking from my experience, motivated people always succeed. Find the intrinsic motivation and you can consider it done …

Please help us find some inspiration and write a comment with your fitness dream.




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