February WOW

Hello everybody,

For the last week WOW we had an 15 min AMRAP for mens and 10 min for ladies of 5 pull-up, 10 push-ups and 15 squats (and scaled workout, pull-ups with rubber band, or ring pull-ups, kneeling push ups).

And as you probably guessed for the third consecutive week somebody’s really far away in the top of the ranking with some amazing results. Well done !!

I don’t know how you feel with these workouts, but myself I found them short and time savers, adaptable to any fitness level, good intensity to guarantee results, and quite fun ….:)

Congratulations for all of you, I hope you feel as healthy and fit as I do. Pls see below all the results, and good luck for the next WOW.

WOW feb I ladies WOW feb I mens

Thank you for your time,

Eat well, rest well, train well 🙂





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