Welcome to your assessment about Magnesium

I have a low intake of dark green leafy vegetables, kelp, wheat bran or germ, almonds, cashews, and buckwheat.
I am tired often.
I have trouble falling asleep or have insomnia.
I am sensitive to loud noises.
I have fewer than two bowel movements a day.
I have asthma.
I experience muscle twitching.
I experience leg or hand cramps.
I frequently experience headaches or migraines.
For Womens - I have premenstrual syndrome most months.
Swallowing is sometimes difficult for me.
I have restless leg syndrome The condition causes an uncomfortable, "itchy," "pins and needles," or "creepy crawly" feeling in the legs. The sensations are usually worse at rest, especially when lying or sitting..
I have acid reflux.
I frequently feel irritable.
I am depressed.
I am anxious.
I have attention deficit disorder.
I have a lot of stress in my life.
I suffer from a form of autism.
I have kidney stones.
I experience heart flutters, skipped beats, or palpitations.
I have heart disease or heart failure.
I have mitral valve prolapse.
I have diabetes.

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