Adrenal Fatigue

Welcome to your assessment about Adrenal Fatigue

My life is very stressful.
I am easily startled and suffer from panic attacks.
I feel tired but wired.
When I’m nervous, my palms and feet get sweaty.
I feel fatigued.
I often feel weak and shaky.
When I stand up, I feel dizzy.
I have dark circles under my eyes.
I crave sweets.
I crave salt.
I don’t feel refreshed after a night’s sleep.
I have difficulty either falling or staying asleep.
I have trouble concentrating or suffer from mental fogginess.
I frequently experience headaches.
I catch colds easily and suffer from frequent infections.
I can’t start my day without caffeine.
I retain water.
I experience heart palpitations.
I have poor tolerance for alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs.
I don’t tolerate exercise well and I’m incredibly tired afterward.
I have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
My muscles are weak.
My blood pressure is low.

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