Oxidative Stress

Welcome to your assessment about Oxidative Stress

Exercise is not a part of my regular routine, or is too much a part of my regular routine (more than 15 hours a week).
I am overweight (BMI more than 25).
I am fatigued on a regular basis.
I sleep less than eight hours a night.
I regularly experience deep muscle or joint pain.
I am sensitive to perfume, smoke, or other chemicals or fumes.
I am exposed to a significant level of environmental toxins (pollutants, chemicals, etc.) at home and/or at work.
I drink more than three alcoholic beverages a week.
I smoke cigarettes or cigars (or anything else).
There is a significant amount of secondhand smoke where I work or live.
I would rate my life as very stressful.
I eat fewer than five servings of deeply colored vegetables and fruits a day.
My diet includes a fair amount of fried foods, margarine, or a lot of animal fat (meat, cheese, etc.).
I eat white flour and sugar more than twice a week.
I suffer from chronic colds and infections (cold sores, canker sores, etc.).
I don’t take antioxidants or a multivitamin.
I take prescription, over-the-counter, and/or recreational drugs.
I have arthritis or allergies.
I have diabetes or heart disease.

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