Welcome to your assessment about Diabetes

Do you get an urge for something sweet, give in to it, experience a brief "sugar high" , and later crash into the "sugar blues"?
Did your doctor ever tell you your blood sugar was a "little high"?
Would you describe yourself as an inactive person?
If you go more than a few hurs between meals, do you get irritable, anxious, tired, jittery or have headaches intermittently throughout the day and then feel better after you've eaten?
Do you feel shaky 2–3 hours after a meal?
Do you have trouble losing weight on a low-fat diet?
If you miss a meal, do you feel cranky, irritable, weak, or tired?
If you have a muffin, a bagel, cereal, pancakes, or other carbs for breakfast, is your eating out of control all day?
Do you feel as though you can’t stop eating once you start eating sweets or carbohydrates?
Does a bowl of pasta or potatoes put you right to sleep, but a meal of fish or meat and vegetables make you feel good?
Do you go for the breadbasket at the restaurant?
Do you get heart palpitations after eating sweets?
Do you tend to retain water after eating salty foods?
If you skip breakfast, are you likely to have a panic attack in the afternoon?
Do you absolutely positively have to have your cup of coffee in the morning in order to get yourself going?
Do you often get moody, impatient, or anxious?
Have you been having any problems lately with your memory and concentration?
Do you feel calmer after you eat?
Do you get tired a few hours after eating?
Do you get night sweats (even if you are a man)?
Do you feel the need to drink a lot of liquids?
Do you feel that you get colds or infections more frequently than most people you know?
Are you tired most of the time?
For womens - Do you suffer from infertility or have symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (irregular cycles, facial hair, and acne)?
For mens - Do you suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction?
Do you have jock itch, vaginal yeast infections, anal itching, toenail fungus, dry scaly patches on your skin, or other symptoms of chronic fungal infections?
Is your BMI higher than 30?
Is your waist-to-height ratio greater than 48 if you are a woman or 52 if you are a man?
Have you been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or gestational diabetes?
Has anyone in your family had diabetes, hypoglycemia, or alcoholism?
Are you of nonwhite ancestry (African, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Indian, Middle Eastern)?
Do you have high blood pressure?
Have you had a heart attack, angina, a transient ischemic attack, or a stroke?
Do you have cataracts or have you ever had retinopathy (eye damage from diabetes)?
Do you have levels of triglycerides over 100 mg/dl or HDL (good) cholesterol levels of less than 50 mg/dl, or a blood glucose over 110 mg/dl?
Do you have kidney damage or protein in your urine?
Do you have a loss of sensation in your feet or legs?

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