One Month Exercise Plan




Finding time to exercise can be a challenge, and structuring an effective program can be intimidating. That’s why we created this monthly Targeted Workout Plan inclusivelely for home training  so you can fit effective exercise into your busy lifestyle and still have fun.

Kit Includes:

  • Include a Lifestyle and Nutrition Assessment. One Personalized Meal Plan for a month (Value 20$ plus 30$).
  • Included in this package is special software with a personal account, video explanations, full description and pictures of each exercise, stretching or mobility drill.
  • Weekly Educational video, with self help guide.

For safety and assurance, we will require video submissions before and after each monthly exercise program is delivered.

After a thorough analysis and research of your health and physical condition and also of your needs, I’ll be able to compose a detailed  program of exercises with the number of hours to spend on required body areas.

With this plan you’ll be able to do your exercises effectively even without personal trainer’s supervision.

Please remember that this is a learning experience where you have to get involved more than a normal exercise program that any trainer can deliver at your local gym.

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