How online training works

Online training isn’t for everybody.

Online training is online studying – requires investment. Investment of your attention in every details.

Online training isn’t circus dressage – you must study movement, practice and repeat until you notice a change, sometime
s you’ll need to film yourself and send me short footage to check the form and technique.

It works for me, for example – because my teachers are all around the world and I need the specific info and mentoring. And I study at my own pace, whenever I have time.

It works in this way.

If you’re interested in any of my programs,







You have to go through an extensive evaluation – an online based questionnaire. Then you’ll receive a login and password for web-based software which will be the main method for delivering the workouts. In your personal account, you’ll find a calendar setup where each workout is uploaded by me – after designing and reviewing from your evaluation.

Any problem with accessing the account can be addressed directly to . this is the same email used for general program support. Feel free to send me an email anytime but for an easy communication pls keep the message on point with clear questions.

Get yourself familiar with the terminology:

  • Rep. Or repetition – One single performance of a single exercise.
  • Set. Number of repetitions performed without stopping.
  • Tempo. Speed at which one repetition is performed. It is denoted with 4 numbers (ex. 2-0-1-2). each of the 4 numbers is in seconds.
  • Rest. Time in seconds between two sets.
  • Warm-up. Is the period at the beginning of the workout when you’ll gradually increase exercise intensity to raise your heart rate up to the training zone required. Usually 5 to 10 min.
  • Cool-down. At the end of your workout, gradually slow down the pace without suddenly stopping, stretch and foam-roll.
  • Form. Is the way of performing exercises – or technique.


For best results to succeed in this journey, keep in contact with me, check my blog post, educate yourself and be true to yourself.




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