How much is your health valued?

Almost every day I am seeing and I work with people who struggle to get back their health. Cardio-respiratory problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, metabolic syndrome or even diabetes, adrenal fatigue syndrome, musculo-articular problems and so on. The reality is that after years and years of sedentary lifestyle and poor nutritional habits now is the time to pay back. Is not me, it’s the nature …

The lack of preventive health education care is taking his share.  I know it may be painfully, but it happen to me as well, and that’s why I am here trying to make a difference (and maybe that’s why I am good at it). No insurance company in the world can really compensate you for your health.  There is a point where money are not important.

Napoleon has a great quote, really good for the gym setting; “is too late to run now, you should have started on time”

During my career I’ve invested hours and hours in the study of exercise science and I found out that’s not enough to motivate somebody to start a healthy life. Some people never change, some do change…

Some people they find motivation to train, other they train to find motivation.

I cannot explain it for everybody, but for me physical training is about life.

Being a professional athlete for about 6 years teach me to value health more than anything. And when I mention health is about being super fit, active and strong. Every day you are exposed to high levels of physical stress, and any light deviation from normal is translated into a change in your physical performance first, and physical appearance afterwards (people who wants a flat abs or a six pack should get their blood sugar and cholesterol levels to the basic levels first, not do hundreds of crunches and other middle body exercises). A light cough, a muscle cramp, a migraine anything than many times we don’t even notice can turn you upside down on a long term.  You cannot run, lift, compete, and support the team at the required level. You might be replaced if the team does not perform well because of you.

But what you do in real life, when this happens? You are replaced? There is a substitute for you?

How do you know when you’ve got a slight blood sugar change, cholesterol change, blood pressure deviation? It’s hard to find clear answers to all this.

But for sure you know that’s something wrong when you skip a meal and you get easily irritable, depressed and tired (most probably that’s because of a blood sugar drop).

You don’t feel refreshed when you wake up, having trouble to fall asleep combined with muscle cramps and aches?

What are you waiting for? I am sure that nobody teaches you that this is not normal, so just trying my method can help you a lot – don’t wait longer, start moving, and balance your lifestyle.

What’s in your hands, easy and cheap is to think and act in a preventive way as Napoleon said.

Start on time my friends.

Get your kids to exercise on time. Be a role model for your children and don’t demand from them something that you cannot do.

More more, move better.

Pls let me know in a comment below what are you doing for your health?

There is anything you need to know about exercising?


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4 thoughts on “How much is your health valued?

  1. Fain,felicitari!imi Place!

  2. MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANUM (This is Latin!)
    Florin Great stuff
    Thank you for keeping us in shape

  3. My health is my life!!

    Great motivational stuff here,

    Keep the good job

  4. Napoleon was a smart man … didn’t know he was running LOL

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