Health and Fitness or Fitness and Health

Can you be fit and not healthy? Or can you be healthy without being fit?


So much confusion in these concepts …. Specially when we see Olympic Athletes with diabetes or asthma, competing and winning !!!??? Or is just a “smart” strategy from some “smart” countries to avoid anti-doping tests and procedures 🙂


Whatever, If you want to get fit, lose some weight, build some muscle, like 90% of the ppl I consult and meet in the gym wish for, then I advice you to learn something about health and fitness. For your own “fast results” achieving wish …. and to avoid injuring yourself while exercising ….  and to save time …and to avoid failing to achieve your goals, like other big percent of people … and so many other reasons that don’t come to my mind right now ….educate yourself 🙂

So, the relation between Health and Fitness? they are together or in opposition ? How many times you’ve heard don’t do squats -deadlifts are bad for the back :((((  Don’t play squash, your knees will hurt:((((

Is fitness making  healthy people  or is health making fit people ??

Health definition -Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Btw, let’s not confuse health with medical system

fat-doctor                       I don’t think this is “health” at all.

Fitness definition –  The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports — a study group sponsored by the government of the United States—declines to offer a simple definition of physical fitness. Instead, it developed the following chart:

Physiological Health related Skill related Sports

My personal humble opinion is that bad attitude and bad exercise is making people unhealthy …

If you practice any kind of physical training, some mistakes in the technique execution or intensity or frequency can actually make you lose this capacity of health ….

Practically, if you enjoy running (physical activity), and your foot stride is lacking normal dorsiflexion (mistake in the technique execution) or / and you start increasing the speed or distance (change intensity) or / and you start running everyday to train for a marathon (increase frequency) over time you will develop some pathomechanics that will create PAIN.

On the heels, ankle, knees, hips and so on …. many people refer to this as aging …and makes it simple to put the fault on age, than giving up on the ego and accept that you don’t know how to run –  yeah, only  a few people know actually how to properly run – myself I learn it at 21 years old, after two World Rowing Championship participation. I did not know how to run, and I been teached the proper technique. Maybe my two participation could have ended in higher achievements if I have been teached the proper running techniques at the proper time … Just maybe 🙂

And the same applies to any other sport or exercise … don’t have normal ROM (Range of Motion – flexibility) in the hip joint, do some heavy squats and you get lower back pain – of course SQUATS ARE BAD FOR THE BACK


….. if you have stiff ankles than some front-back left-right sprints with sudden deceleration, break, jump and land will mess-up your knees better than anything ales…. of course SQUASH IS BAD FOR THE KNEES …

Squash Player with Knee Injury

I am not saying don’t do squats or don’t play squash …. I am saying make them right 🙂

What do you choose? Health or fitness?

Healthy regards


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