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As a personal Trainer I am not teaching ppl only how to move or exercise, most of the work is in the Lifestyle and Nutrition.  Very frequently I’ve been asked “what I should eat to lose weight …..?” I pause for a second and repeat “what you should eat to lose weight?….” and the person in front of me is nodding and asking again, “yeah, what I should eat to lose weight….?” and most of the time the person is obese – extremely extremely overweight…. And I repeat again and they are starring  at me and are repeating the question … for 3-4 -5 times ….

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The smart one are getting it faster … Instead of thinking of what to eat to lose weight , try thinking of what not to eat to lose weight. We are so stuck in eating. So out of energy, lethargic and tired.

Subconsciously we are craving energy and the body translate this in eating ….more and more. And we eat more …


So, my answer is don’t eat anything that has been packed canned conserved pasteurisat  or homogenizat or any other technology used to make food last longer than normal.

I personally feel much better since I stop eating refined sugar and white flour. I’ve studied  and used a lot the Paleo diet, and most of the people are following it they seems to rip some benefits.

Anyway, eating like “hunter and gatherer” or “caveman” is a bit difficult during our days. Following some principles from it might help, like avoid refined sugar and white flour 🙂

What is the best food you enjoy eating?

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