Do you need results?

CARDIO March2008Working with a wide range of people, from young to old, conditioned vs deconditioned, obese vs skinny, apparently healthy vs sick or under treatment, having different goals from weight loss to muscle gain, toning to competitive fitness and so on, forced me to create and develop training systems to be able to provide results. For and foremost at the first contact with a new fitness participant I do a Movement Screening and Assessment (which are different thinks btw) and according to the results I finish with some physical tests.

The purpose of these systems is to develop an exercise routine and to give the best possible results. For example, training an overweight client represents a series of challenges. These people most probably have tried all sorts of diets and exercise regimes … and they fail … over and over again… most of them they don’t even believe or dream that they can lose weight anymore. All they want is to “get a hit healthy” or “move more” (they don’t know why) or the doctor send them to the gym …

Sad but true.

The first think I had to do is to build them a bit of confidence in themselves and a bit of trust in me, the trainer. No matter what, I have to encourage continued participation. Sometimes I call, text or send an email to confirm the session time, and I think it shows interest and helps in keeping people engaged in exercise.

Most of these people are fat because they eat too much, not because of glands, or genetics or any other well accepted good excuse.

Nutrition is very simple, compliance is very hard.

I tend to teach nutrition in a simple way. First phase no refined sugar and no grain. Putting people on all sorts of regimes, and complicated food combinations is not working unless they are professional athletes and have two personal chefs.

I have found out that whatever I’ve learn in the college doesn’t really work in the real environment. Many things will not going to work with a overweight client as well and because I am not married to any exercise system I prefer to use my own Screening, Assessing and Testing one. And I love to experiment, in very safe way, of course.

This is where the Screening and Assessing is helping me a lot. I don’t want to make these people get worse or injured, and after a Functional Movement Screening I can make clear the weaknesses and the problem areas that need help. I screen to identify a risk classification grouping, I assess to judge inability and dysfunction, and after I test what is left for ability and function.

The exercise program is build on the tests, and has to improve the ability and function on what is good in them, correct and rehabilitate what is dysfunctional and never cross the risk classification barrier, because they can get injured ….

Experience and common sense teaches me that floor exercises don’t work for them and are dangerous … getting up and down from the floor is hard work for an overweight client.

Foam rolling? That’s already a workout itself …

Special Foam Roller, Special Stretching, Special Core Training, everything has to be special. Special people need special treatment 🙂

Personal training is all about getting in contact with your student, building relationships, creating rapport, being a life coach.

Let me know in a comment if your exercise program is giving you the expected results?

Healthy regards 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Do you need results?

  1. Useful, hope to see more from you in near future.

    1. Keep in touch 🙂

  2. As Les Mills says people need motivation and results, and these two always are togheter. so nice Florin

    1. Motivated people give results …

  3. I like this – Nutrition is very simple, compliance is very hard.

  4. I LIKE THIS SO MUCH …… – Nutrition is very simple, compliance is very hard.

  5. Florin,
    Am aceeas pasiune ca si tine insa eu pana acum nu am dezvoltat aceasta pasiune…
    Ceea ce am citit in articolele tale ma ajuta si imi da si mai mult curaj sa fac in continuare pasi pe acest drum…Chiar daca nu am experienta ta in domeniu sunt intrutotul de acord cu cele spuse de tine si aceste convingeri, la fel ca tine, mi le-am creat de-alungul vremii…
    Cred ca ai un job frumos…

    1. Mersi,
      Miscarea e totul pt mine si cred ca e la fel pt toti ceilalti,

      trebuie doar sa-i convingi de realitate,

      Sa le arati calea

      si sa-i indrumi:)

      Cam asta e Personal training,
      Numai bine

  6. Is important for everybody to accept all this informations, but, I think, the most important is to make this activities and here,from this point, is the beginning of your skills

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