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We have a winner, a WOW winner :)

Hello guys and gals, I know now you hate burpees, and squats and jumps and jumping rope and gymnastics rings and rowing …. and the gym and the workouts and myself  LOL.

But after all this hard work we have a champion 🙂 ….. and a price … 🙂

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February WOW

Hello everybody,

For the last week WOW we had an 15 min AMRAP for mens and 10 min for ladies of 5 pull-up, 10 push-ups and 15 squats (and scaled workout, pull-ups with rubber band, or ring pull-ups, kneeling push ups).

And as you probably guessed for the third consecutive week Read more

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Another long week with a short WOW went so quickly ….

21-15- 9 reps  Wall Ball with Burpees for time.

Wall Balls are amazing workouts for shoulder -thoracic stability, core control, and what is more important for me it Read more

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Third week of WOW

Hope everybody’s fine after a super strong 15 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) last week. Its not easy at all, even the scaled workouts are pushing people to the max. That’s the only way to improve and get better. Cannot express how exciting are these days for me and how good I feel when I see change and improvement on you. This is my way towards health and fitness.  Read more

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Last week WOW – rowing and lunges ….:)

I haven’t done yet the last week WOW … 1000 m  rowing WOW 1 and  lunges matrix + burpee matrix for 18-12-6 reps for time WOW 2.

Again, the WOW is not a walk in the gym, a social fun Read more

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WOW – Workout Of the Week

An exciting (at least for me) first week has gone … 🙂

As I start this new year one of my resolutions is to make working-out more fun. More fun for me and for all Viking Club members. The WOW idea is inspired from a very popular trend called  CrossFit who’s using a daily workout (WOD) for his adopters and clubs worldwide. With a humble respect toward what CrossFit is teaching Read more

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