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Fascia manipulation – one of the best manual therapies

Fascia Manipulation© is a manual therapy method that has been developed by Luigi Stecco, an Italian physiotherapist from the north of Italy. This method has evolved over the last 40 years through study and practice in the treatment of a vast caseload of musculoskeletal problems. It focuses on the fascia, in particular the deep muscular […]

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2014 resolution


2014-resolutions1It’s that time of the year when I have people around me asking all sort of questions, how to lose weight from the outerthigs,  how to strengthen the inner part of the upper pectoral muscles, what’s the best exercise to get the line between obliques and rectus abdominus more visible or enhanced, what they should eat at the dinner, what the point of having a breakfast, what’s the best cardio machine that burns fat and don’t produce sweat and so on.

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I am still recovery from a bad injury, partially depressed and with a lot of frustration – I am paying for neglected towards myself and my health, skipping workouts and stretching.

What I’ve have done so wrong that my lower back could not handle it? It’s hard to say now …. Important is what I Read more

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Food or Nutrition

As a personal Trainer I am not teaching ppl only how to move or exercise, most of the work is in the Lifestyle and Nutrition.  Very frequently I’ve been asked “what I should eat to lose weight …..?” I pause for a second and repeat “what you should eat to lose weight?….” and the person in front of me is nodding and asking again, “yeah, what I should eat to lose weight….?” and most of the time the person is obese – extremely extremely overweight… Read more

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Health and Fitness or Fitness and Health

Can you be fit and not healthy? Or can you be healthy without being fit?


So much confusion in these concepts …. Specially when we see Olympic Athletes with diabetes or asthma, competing and winning !!!??? Or is just a “smart” strategy from some “smart” countries to avoid anti-doping tests and procedures 🙂 Read more

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Again about weight-loss

It seems that these days everybody wants to do cardio and lose weights – this common wisdom is driving me crazy …. And yeah, ladies stay away from weight coz you might end up like this …




over night …. I promise you Read more

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Do you know how to evaluate your wellness, health and fitness?

NUTRITION March2008I’ve used these terms for a while, until I actually understood what wellness, health and fitness was about. It happens so many times to have clients for a consultation and to ask them a simple question, why do they exercise, and have them not to know what to answer… they need it, they feel good, they don’t want to lose weight because is hard, and don’t need muscle because is ugly, it’s just makes them feel good…

But why ??? Read more

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Do you need results?

CARDIO March2008Working with a wide range of people, from young to old, conditioned vs deconditioned, obese vs skinny, apparently healthy vs sick or under treatment, having different goals from weight loss to muscle gain, toning to competitive fitness and so on, forced me to create and develop training systems to be able to provide results. For and foremost at the first contact with a new fitness participant I do a Movement Screening and Assessment (which are different thinks btw) and according to the results I finish with some physical tests.

The purpose of these systems is to develop Read more

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10 Advices for Weight Loss

Most of the people still don’t know what to do for a healthy and effective weight loss. And cannot be blame for that, the media is confusing instead of helping … from very technical information from medical web-sites to exercise videos and You-tube and other inspirational pictures and great quotes they are trying to give support and help for those in need.

My 10 best advices for people who want to lose weight are: Read more

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How much is your health valued?

Almost every day I am seeing and I work with people who struggle to get back their health. Cardio-respiratory problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, metabolic syndrome or even diabetes, adrenal fatigue syndrome, musculo-articular problems and so on. The reality is that after years and years of sedentary lifestyle and poor nutritional habits now is the time to pay back. Is not me, it’s the nature …

The lack of preventive health education care is taking his share.  I know it may be painfully, but it happen to me as well, and that’s why I am here trying to make a difference (and maybe that’s why I am good at it). No insurance company in the world can really compensate you for your health.  There is a point where money are not important. Read more

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