Again about weight-loss

It seems that these days everybody wants to do cardio and lose weights – this common wisdom is driving me crazy …. And yeah, ladies stay away from weight coz you might end up like this …




over night …. I promise you


Just stay in the confort zone …

“Cardio” is closely related to cord or heart … how this word came into my gym ????!!!! And why people believe so much that if you spend 30-40-50 min on some sort of equipment you lose weight …???

common gym wisdom?

I prefer to use endurance training and teach people that if your heart rate doesnt raise to a certain level << establish through a fitness test>> is nothing more than lost time. Floating in the pool for 40 min doesnt burn so many calories <<other misconception – i prefer to use the term expends energy>>.  Endurance training means raising your heart rate up to a training level, sweating more, use large groups of muscle, practicing a pleasant or attractive activity  <<I prefer Volleyball>> 2630volley_ball[1]with the purpose of maintaining a specific functionality of human body << benefits of endurance training are a healthy heart and circulatory system, respiratory system, metabolic system, stress relief and many other more>>.

Some people prefer to run, indoor or outdoor, cycle, join group exercise classes ….all of them are good as long you benefit in a way …. I dont say you should run marathons to lose weight, londonmarathon_2538403b

just do what you like doing

and dont expect different results doing the same thing on and on …



What is your preferred way to train?

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1 thought on “Again about weight-loss

  1. Love ur humour…by the way when we hit the squash court? I miss that cardio:)

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