Another long week with a short WOW went so quickly ….

21-15- 9 reps  Wall Ball with Burpees for time.

Wall Balls are amazing workouts for shoulder -thoracic stability, core control, and what is more important for me it creates force closure over form closure for the Sacro-Iliac joint. Get them done high, absorb the ball weight and you have one of the best exercise you should do every week.

Burpees are my favourites for training the anterior muscle chain, is a full body flexion, it works from the hip flexor, abdominals, chest-shoulder, legs.

You can practise this workout twice a month for maximum benefits.

Personally cannot wait for my preferred WOW, 100 Burpees for time and 100 Wall Ball for time … COMING SOON 🙂



WOW JAN IV ladies

Thank you for your comments

Have a great week ahead

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  1. Mabrook to all participants

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