Day: January 11, 2014

2014 resolution


2014-resolutions1It’s that time of the year when I have people around me asking all sort of questions, how to lose weight from the outerthigs,  how to strengthen the inner part of the upper pectoral muscles, what’s the best exercise to get the line between obliques and rectus abdominus more visible or enhanced, what they should eat at the dinner, what the point of having a breakfast, what’s the best cardio machine that burns fat and don’t produce sweat and so on.

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WOW – Workout Of the Week

An exciting (at least for me) first week has gone … 🙂

As I start this new year one of my resolutions is to make working-out more fun. More fun for me and for all Viking Club members. The WOW idea is inspired from a very popular trend called  CrossFit who’s using a daily workout (WOD) for his adopters and clubs worldwide. With a humble respect toward what CrossFit is teaching Read more

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