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2014-resolutions1It’s that time of the year when I have people around me asking all sort of questions, how to lose weight from the outerthigs,  how to strengthen the inner part of the upper pectoral muscles, what’s the best exercise to get the line between obliques and rectus abdominus more visible or enhanced, what they should eat at the dinner, what the point of having a breakfast, what’s the best cardio machine that burns fat and don’t produce sweat and so on.


It’s the month of the New Year resolution …. Most of you (like myself) have promised to yourself to make this year the best year ever; and of course this includes exercise-fitness-losing some weight, staying in shape. And the same you did last year …and the year before ….


So, my 2014 Resolution is to make this year simply awesome. My personal resolutions stay with me, but my professional one is involving all of you J this year I will provide an amazing exercise experience, the best techniques, latest science into action to help each of you to get healthy and fitter to live a happier life.


And that’s why I’ve create the Workout of the Week (WOW); a standard workout, each week different, scaled for each individual skills and physical abilities (most like the Personal Training sessions), and of course on a ranking system to bring more motivation into the game.

More on this here  http://neversickandweak.com/wow-workout-of-the-week/

Check this link every week for the new WOW and see where you’re ranking against you and others.


Hope you enjoy the ride J

And pls check below some of my recommendations for New Year Resolutions that will fast forward your health and fitness goals achievements.


I will eat breakfast daily.   Fuel up for the day by starting off with a smart breakfast.


I will skip the energy drinks and instead get a more sound sleep each night.  Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and sugar – two ingredients that none of you don’t need more of for sure.


I will drink only high quality water. And plenty of it.  So skip the soft drinks and instead pick up a bottle of waterJ.


Include some quality proteins with each meal and snack.  Especially if you just start physical training, your muscles continually need protein and all it provides to recover, repair and regrow.  Most people don’t eat enough protein in the morning and afternoon and instead lump it together at dinner.


Have a great WOW!


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