10 Advices for Weight Loss

Most of the people still don’t know what to do for a healthy and effective weight loss. And cannot be blame for that, the media is confusing instead of helping … from very technical information from medical web-sites to exercise videos and You-tube and other inspirational pictures and great quotes they are trying to give support and help for those in need.

My 10 best advices for people who want to lose weight are:

1. Follow your curiosity. Many times I’ve seen people who join the club using the same type of equipment for months and months, without real benefits. Try to join different exercise classes and different sports. The viking Club is offering now complimentary classes for members, you can play squash, table tennis or beach-volleyball.

2. Perseverence is priceless. Wait for at least 30 exercise sessions (3 to 4 weeks) until you want to go on a scale to check you progress. There will be a moment where your friends or co-workers will notice something and ask you if you’ve start training somewhere – that moment is priceless as well.

3. Focus on the present.  You have to do physical training for max 60 min – dont engage in talks and discusions for about half of this time …

4. The imagination is powerfull. Dream more, imagine yourself wearing the clothes that you want, vision your six pack building up more and more.

5. Make mistakes. A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Exercise and life as well is about experiencing new things – try new ways of training, weight lifting, power lifting, circuit training, pliometrics, intervals, outdoor running or why not go for a marathon.

6. Have fun. You cannot adopt exercise as a lifestyle if you dont have fun during the way. Get social, exercise with your friends and colleagues, play a team sport and compete, and I promose you the results will arrive soon.

7. Create value. Dont aim to get into competitional CrossFit, but try to improve your qualities to maximum. You’re good ar running? – then make a habit  from it, invest in good shoes, find groups of people who meet regularly and make it fun. Kuwait has many early morning week-end cyclists, several sports leagues (soccer, rugby, net-ball and volleyball).

8. Don’t be repetitive. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Something doesnt work for you (after a month or more)? Then change it – squash raquet does’nt leasting to you? try volleyball, the swimmin makes you builky, go for a run, cycling is boring, do some jump rope …

9. Knowledge comes from experience. Information is good, but is not knowledge. Don’t pretend you know everything until you get to the finish line.

10. Learn the rules and then play better. You have to learn the rules of the game (weight loss game). and then you have to play better than yesterday, everyday 🙂


Hope you found this valuable,

If you’re not happy with your actual weight try to apply this 10 rules for 30 days…

If you have any quesitons, write down a comment and we’ll get back to you


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7 thoughts on “10 Advices for Weight Loss

  1. Florin, I alreafy use this for all my clients 🙂

    and more ….

    1. And is working? 🙂

  2. Florin,

    ai scris foarte frumos, imi place …10 sfaturi de bun simt extrem de utile pentru a reusi zic eu in tot ce ne propunem!


  3. Suna interesant, dar nu sunt de acord cu partea de “make mistakes”.
    O greseala in sala de forta te poate costa o intindere care te va incapacita timp de saptamani, sau chiar mai rau.

    1. mda … o greseala de neatentie la o treapta te costa la fel sau ma rau … eu ma refer la a face “greseala” de a te antrena ma din greu 🙂 de a iesi din zona de confort 🙂

  4. Si eu apreciez ”universalitatea” sfaturilor! Sunt atat de valabile, orice schimbare ai avea intentia sa produci!
    Felicitari, Florin!

  5. Unde as putea gasi mai multe informatii, daca poti sa imi trimiti un email as fi recunoscator

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